Warm weather is here, many community pools are now open, and water safety should be on everyone’s mind before jumping. Swimming is a great exercise, as well as a fun way to spend time together as a family. Unfortunately, many people don’t realize how dangerous swimming can be without careful preparation. Before taking your kids to the pool, beach or lakeshore, teach them these 8 basic water safety swim tips to ensure a safe and pleasant water experience!

water safety swim tips

As it’s National Safety Month, here are a few statistics from the National Safety Council:

  • Every year about 19 children drown during the July 4 holiday
  • Emergency departments treat about 6,400 pool and spa injuries in children younger than 15 every year

Other Tips (For Pools):

  • keep toys away from the pool when it’s not in use
  • empty blow-up pools after each use
  • No tricycles or other riding toys poolside
  • no diving in shallow water

Just like you teach your children to look both ways before they cross the street, it’s essential to teach your children how to be safe around water. By putting them into practice will cement these concepts and ensure you have prepared your child to swim safely. These simple water safety swim tips can help keep your children and families protected during the summer months and all year long too. If you or your child feel sick after a trip to the public pool visit us and our team will treat you promptly. We’re here to care for you 7 days a week!