IV Hydration Therapy

Whether you’re exhausted from a business trip, a tough work out, or a wild night out, Haven Elite Urgent Care can help you recover and rehydrate with affordable IV Hydration Therapy.

IV Hydration Therapy delivers fluids, essential electrolytes, and vitamins directly into the bloodstream via a needle in your arm. This intravenous infusion provides you with immediate rehydration and 100% absorption of nutrients. Frequent travelers, serious athletes, and party animals alike can benefit from Hydration Therapy with IV Fluids.

Haven Elite Urgent Care offers same-day IV Hydration Therapy appointments at our modern medical facility in Rancho Cucamonga. This treatment is completely safe, takes less than an hour, and is virtually painless (you’ll likely only feel a small pinch as the needle enters the vein).

Rehydration IV Therapy

1000 ml Normal Saline Solution

Refresh Hangover Therapy

1000 ml Normal Saline ($100) plus one or both medications:
+ Zofran $25 for anti-nausea.
+ Toradol $25 for headache.

Food Poisoning/Stomach Flu Therapy

1000ml Normal Saline + Zofran (anti-nausea)

Learn about stomach flu (gastroenteritis) here.

Migraine Relief

1000ml Normal Saline + Toradol (anti-inflammatory pain medication) + Phenergan (anti-nausea)

Rejuvenation Therapy

1000 ml Normal saline + Multi-Vitamins

Super Vitamin B IM injection (Add-on)

This is an intramuscular injection only, no IV fluid added.
Vitamin B12 is essential for cell growth and development, and is a major building block of red blood cells.

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